February 01, 2006

The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game

I'm sure you've all heard of The Knitting Olympics by now. I won't be participating, but I'm always looking for ways to make sporting events into a spectator sport. Thus, I present to you:

The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game

created with help from Rebekkah and Natalie

Take a drink whenever someone:

1. adjusts their definition of "finishing" in order to get a gold medal.
2. whines about someone else being farther along on an identical project.
3. drops out after realizing there is no way to knit a fingering weight fair isle adult sweater in 16 days without losing their job.
4. joins a team for something other than a country/joins a team because they like a vegetable. (Team Wales, I'm looking at you)
5. takes a knitting short cut they really shouldn't have taken. (swatch, pfft! I'm only knitting a fair isle cabled lace shrug. Who needs a swatch!)
6. has to frog because they lost count when Michelle Kwan fell on her ass. (We all know it's going to happen.)
7. buys a TiVo/DVR, so they can watch the Olympics later. It's cutting into their knitting time right now.
8. posts pictures of a dirty house or starving children, blaming either on the Knitting Olympics.
9. calls in sick to work in order to finish on time.
10. encourages another knitter to "work through the pain," when that knitter's hands have gone numb.
11. posts to a general knitlist/livejournal knitting community to ask how everyone else is doing on their projects. (blogs/communities/knitlists set up specifically for the KO exempted)
12. doesn't fix a huge mistake on their project because it will keep them from finishing in time.
13. whines about said huge mistake after the Olympics are over.
14. frogs entire project after the Knitting Olympics, due to aforementioned huge mistake. (finish the bottle for this one)

Disclaimer: The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game is for entertainment purposes only. Do not operate heavy machinery after playing. The amount of "a drink" is fluid - anything from a shot, to a glass of wine, to a sip of beer - please play responsibly.

I just thought of another one: take a drink every time someone makes a project ending mistake because they were so drunk, from playing the knitting olympics drinking game.

Let's see how recursive we can get this thing! ;-)
You're my kind of gal :)
Might as well accuse me of *KWI now and get it over with.

*Knitting While Intoxicated
I think you've officially converted the Knitting Olympics into a true sport now. Without a drinking game affiliated with it before it was just a lighthearted romp ;)

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my blog, btw!
What more can one say except, Knit one, drink one, knit one, drink one. Good list!
How about "Take a drink every time someone switches from a large project (like a sweater) to something small like socks." You know, the old, "I never said I was going to make a SWEATER - I said I'd finish something!"

Number 11 alone will make us all very, very wasted.
I'm already planning on doing Number 1 in order to finish Rogue on time...
What a hoot! And remember, friends don't let friend knit drunk.
I have tears in my eyes from reading this and trying not to laugh while I'm at work- very clever!!
Another one from me: Someone posts to livejournal/knitlist/their blog with an OMG crisis question that needs to be answered Right. That. Second. so they don't get behind.
I knew when I found this game that the Team Ireland button "Drink First, Then Knit" had it right! I'm adding "appropriate Irish beverages" to my pre-KO shopping list! Thanks for the laugh!
You're my hero.
Brilliant. I'm taking my first drink tonight.
What about, 'Take a drink every time you finish a row'? Might not make it pretty, but would definitely make it fun!
Rock ON!
There's gonna be alot of drunk-assed people about! LOL
OMG, that's brilliant! You SO rock.
I'm thinking there must be some amount of shots for how many TIMES Sasha Cohen falls and/or fumbles!
How many shots for every time I wonder why I started it?
What a super idea! This could be a long two weeks....
Having created my own fair share of drinking games AND leading crowds of drunken rugby players in raunchy songs, I never thought that my love for rugby and knitting could ever be combined until now. Simply brilliant!

Guilty of number 7, although for the opposite reason. My husband bought a digital converter because that gives us an extra channel where we can watch more sports. Cause more sitting in front of the tv = more knitting.
Could probably do that while drinking as well...
Now this, this I can join in on! LOL!
Great job. My co-workers heard me laughing and now want to know what's going on.
Well I'm not an official Knitathlete in the Knitting Olympics, but I am making drunken socks with my team member, Mia, Stoned Knitter.
We all need funnels or another hand so we don't get behind. Team Irish is my kind of group!

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