March 06, 2006

So Cal bloggers + sock

Yesterday I rode up to Long Beach with Wendy, Nancy, Heidi, Hilari, and Crissy (who was smart enought to send around a sign in sheet and get everyone's names/blogs.) Also, thanks to Wendy and Nancy for driving my mooch ass around. I appriciate it ladies!

We all met up at Buster's for lunch with the rest of the SD contingent - Kris, Marisa, and Erika. I hadn't met Erika before and was slightly confused when she arrived, as Kris had mentioned possibly bringing her sister, and Erika didn't look much like Kris. (not that I look much like my sister)

- as well as the LA bloggers - Susan, Jillian, JenLa, Monica, Andrea, Kathy, Roberta, Lori, and Michelle. Lauren made up the CT contingent.

A good time was had by all, so good I failed to take any pictures. Jillian and Kris have pictures up already, so go take a peek! I may have to steal the pirate ship picture from Jillian.

After lunch we all shopped at the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. They had a bunch of nice things (most tempting - Lorna's Laces in Mineshaft and the Dale baby booklet with the Ladybug sweater) but I was good and didn't buy any yarn (or patterns for non-existent babies).

While we were shopping I noticed Jillian's great bracelet and asked where she got it. There's a picture of it on her blog. Of course, I had to reward my non spending by, um, spending, and ordered this bracelet. Heather was very nice to deal with over email, and it's shipping priority mail tomorrow. Look for a photo of it on my wrist Friday.

Along with the gabbing and shopping there was also knitting. I finished this sock on the drive home. I think I started it Thursday, but it could have been Wed night or early Friday. Cast on for sock 2 last night befor bed.

Mom sock one

The pair is for my mom's birthday, in about a month. Should be done in plenty of time (fingers crossed).

Steal away!! Avast me hearties :)

I'm so glad you nabbed a beautiful bracelet from Heather! Isn't she the sweetest!
What kind of heel are you using on those socks? I usually do short row, and it bugs me that the striping doesn't match.

I LOVE Lorna's Laces in Mineshaft. It's so pretty, yet kinda masculine.

I used an afterthought heel. I plan on taking pictures of the process for the second sock, so that will be coming soon.
Gawd, I wish I would have known you all were heading to my city! I could have met up with y'all!
I have a spearmint sparkle bracelet from Heather and almost wore it yesterday! Good to see you again, albeit briefly:(
Love the bracelet! It was great seeing you again!
Looks like so much fun! Yet another reason to be excited about moving to SD (number one right now is not having to scrape ice and snow off my car).
Hey there! It was so great meeting you on Sunday...te he he about Kris and I!!
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