March 01, 2006

February Wrap-up/March Goals

I got bit by a sock bug this month and didn't meet most of my goals.

February Goals:

1. Finish Rogue sleeves - not done, got to the sleeve cap shaping, but knitting backwards was aggrivating the tendonitis in my shoulder.
2. Finish Norwegian Stockings - nope.
3. Start new socks (must always have a pair of socks going) - DONE, started and finished Retro Ribs and started embossed leaves
4. Start Faroe Vest (easy goal. I love starting things!) - DONE
5. Knit at least 10 rows on Peacock Feathers - not done
6. Knit my Baby Alpaca Grande scarf - started
7. Go through stash and weed out yarn to swap/sell - DONE
8. No yarn purchases (well, maybe something really good at Wildfiber...) - didn't make it to Wildfiber, but I did pretty well on the no yarn buying. Bought the yarn for Odessa, sockapaloooza socks, and ordered some STR with paypal funds.

What to do this month?

March Goals:

1. Embrace my sock bug and knit as many socks as I want, without buying any more sock yarn.
2. Finish Rogue sleeves. Read up on Cardigan mods.
3. Work on Norwegian Stockings
4. Finish Sockapaloooza Socks - this will probably happen tonight or tomorrow
5. Order a zipper for York and sew it in if it arrives
6. Knit whatever else I want, as long as it's from the stash.
7. Take it easy on yarn purchases. This might be hard as I'll be up in Long Beach with knit bloggers this weekend and maybe at Wildfiber next weekend.

If you have a sock bug...maybe getting a little teeny amount of sock yarn is OK. See you Sunday!
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