February 06, 2006

Sock Progress

Made some good progress on the Retro Rib Socks this weekend.

Retro Ribs, 1st gusset

I just finished the gusset on the first sock. I went with a Dutch Heel, instead of the heel in the pattern, because Dutch heels fit my foot the best. (and V-heels the worst, for what it's worth) But the most important question, does it fit?

Retro Rib, it fits!

Like a charm! I plan on trying to avoid the SSS by starting the second sock right now. Then, when I finish that one, all I'll have left is the foot of this one. Time to fish out my spare US 2s.

That yarn is such a beautiful shade. I've got to get my hands on some Socks that Rock!
Ooh, clever! And lookin' good. We missed you at the Whistlestop. I think we're going to do the S.M. the last weekend now...
I am so in love with the green. So very.
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