February 15, 2006

Retro Rib Progress, musings on SFC, new shoes!

The Retro Ribs are coming along nicely. My pace has slowed a bit during the olympics, as I actually enjoy watching them, so don't get quite as much knitting done. I couldn't knit at all during the pairs finals the other night, so intense! Anyway, I finished one of the socks and the other is ready to be picked back up just past the gusset. I'm very pleased with my grafting on the first sock. I've decided the way to go with grafting is to just pull it as tight as possible. That looks the best, at least on sock toes. I don't know about other grafting, but maybe Krys can tell use when she finally grafts the armpits for her Eris. Graft those armpits Krys!

Retro Rib Progress

One of the skeins is a bit more stripey than the other. I'm using the old skein size, and the person who gave me the StR gave me two skeins. One wouldn't quite cut it, so I started the second sock with the brand new skein and I'm glad I did. I also got some cash in my PayPal account recently, which I think I will use to order more StR. Definitely Carbon Dating, and possibly Red Rock Canyon as well. I'm not going to place the order until I'm done moving though.

Today is the cast on day for the SFCKAL! Yay, I get to cast on over 300 stitches tonight... I'm planning on knitting the one colored ribbed bottom of my vest as corrugated ribbing. It will take a bit longer, but will also give the edge more body and hopefully avoid the slight bunching up that's occuring in the photo in the book.

Finally, Robinsons-May was bought out by Macy*s and is having a huge clearance sale here in SD. I bought these great shoes this weekend for 30% off.

New Shoes!

Yay!! My SFC book is being shipped to me finally and I can't wait to start.

Filene's was bought out by Macy's here, and I got these: http://www.zappos.com/images/770/7180770/985-170392-p.jpg for 30% off or so, as well.
Ooooh love the shoes.
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That is some seriously sassy footwear!
Whoo! Love those shoes!
I bought those exact shoes (copper) when we went to the sale last week!
those are some seriously tasty shoes. i suddenly have this urge to forgoe all studying, and find myself some new shoes...gyah..
Kick-ass shoes! And the socks look fabulous. I'd been thinking about doing Pomatomus socks next, but the way yours turned out has me re-thinking that!
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