February 26, 2006

Hats and socks, oh my!

Ok, hat. I knit the Odessa hat last Tuesday and finally got a picture of it last night.

Odessa Hat

I like it. I wish I'd knit it a bit longer than the pattern called for (5.5" instead of my usual 6" - that will teach me to trust the pattern), but it blocked out alright. The yarn is rediculously soft. I'm sure it's not very hard wearing, but for a hat that should be alright. Knitting with the beads was fun too.

Pattern: Odessa, linked above, by Grumperina
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK
Beads: size 6 glass beads from Beverly's
Needles: Clover US4 16" circs for ribbing, Inox US6 DPNs for main hat. I really liked the Inox needles.
Start: Feb 21, 2006
Finished: Feb 21, 2006
No modifications. Oh, and I didn't swatch, because, hey, it's a hat. If it's off, you just rip it out and start over.

Now, socks in progress.

Embossed Leaves in progress

I have issues with how this pattern is written. When I finish, I'll do a whole post on what I did differently, and what else I would modify if I knit them again. They do knit up fast though, as I've only been working on them for 4 days. My sockapaloooza pal has smaller feet tham me, so these should finish up quick too! Hmm, two complete pairs of socks in February? We'll see.

I knit most of the second sock at Kris's, with Miyon, Kristin, Krys, and Marissa. Most of them were working on Olympic Knitting - check out their finished projects, they're great!

Oh, and Krys, ERIS SLEEVES!

Odessa is really cute!
the hat looks cute :) I've heard other people say they found it too short when finished.... I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever attempt it, I like my hats long...
It looks great. I was thinking about knitting it, but a hat has to cover my ears, or else I just won't wear it...
Beautiful! I think I need to make one, too. Also, I love the way your eyeshadow matches the hat. Very pretty.

By the way, I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog, but I've seen you quite a bit on LJ in Knitting and... that other knitting community.

Oooo the hat is so pretty, and those socks! Wow, you really are something else with those socks. My long straight boring ones don't hold a candle to yours. I'll get there yet!
the hat is wonderful. your sock pal socks are going great! i'm going to start mine soon, soon! i swear!
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