January 24, 2006

Urge to Kill Fading*


Yay! Yarn for the SFCKAL. If you click the picture, it will take you to the Flickr page with notes on the color names. I was having a crummy day yesterday**, but when I got home the box from SHP was on my doorstep. I hugged the box for about 5 minutes before opening it, then hugged the yarn some more. I love you yarn! I was going to hold off on swatching, but hell, I'm the boss of my knitting. If I want to swatch, I'm gonna swatch. Besides, swatching isn't starting a new project. Those are the rules, that I just invented, right now.

*Anyone know which Simpsons THoH this is from? I know it's the one with the Shining, but which number?
**Crummy day due to tweaking my back somehow. I'm feeling a bit better today, but going up and down the stairs is still not fun. I'm blaming it on my Con Law book.

Sorry to hear you're feeling crummy. I've found muscle relaxants to be quite something for severe back pain! Once in a blue moon my neck gets out of whack and nothing will help (i.e. baths, chiropractor, yoga) and I get a script from my doc. Works like a charm everytime!
it's definitely treehouse of horror #5. also, hope your back feels better soon; nice yarn will help!
Ooooh pretty! And it's "The Shinnin'" btw. ;P As far as I'm concerned the Simpson's can dodder on forever. I lub them.
Nice colors for your SFC sweater. Isn't it a special moment opening up a box with new fiber in it? Hope the back is better but it will give you some down time for knitting.
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