January 30, 2006

SFCKAL swatch

Most of my knitting time the past week has been spent swatching for the Faroe Vest. Three swatches in, I'm finally getting 8 stitches/inch.

SFCKAL swatch

I've also finished the chart on the Rogue sleeves, so it's onto the plain stockinette bits for those. As long as I knit a row or two on Peacock Feathers tonight or tomorrow I just might meet my goals for the month. yay!

Very nice colors!
I really like those colors together!

Absinthe Knits
those colors are great! the [looks like a brown/burnt orange on my monitor] really pops without taking attention from the overall design. it's a highlight that works with the things around it.
Really like your colors very much. That pattern is on my have to do list one day.

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