January 23, 2006

Rogue Progress and Weekend Fun

Rogue is finally back on track.

Rogue Sleeves

Halfway through the cable chart! I think I may actually meet all my goals this month, as long as I manage to knit a couple rows of Peacock Feathers. I'm still liking Rogue.

Most of the knitting on it this weekend was actually done on a mini yarn crawl with Spaaz and Crissy. We started out meeting up with Nancy in Oceanside for a knitting and spinning demo at the library. Then parted ways with Nancy and hit up Noble Knits, Black Sheep, Common Threads, and Knitting by the Beach. I had only been to Common Threads before (and they've made some big changes since the last time I was there) so it was great fun. I was pretty good - bought some Supermerino at Noble Knits, nothing at Black Sheep (oof, the mark-up there!), a Dale booklet at Common Threads, and some bulky baby alpaca at Knitting by the Beach. So that's one goal shot, but whatever. It's a hobby, it's supposed to be fun.

Oh, and Becki, the shoes from the Jaywalker post are from ALDO, although I know what Kenneth Cole ones you're talking about. Tried those on too!

Ooh, I love Aldo! We just got one near my house, so I'll finally get to look at it in person. I love this style shoe because it's perfect for showing off my knitted socks. :)
great color choice for rogue. its such a great sweater. i'm excited to see it progress.
I love the color of your Rogue. So springy! Wow. I want one just like it!
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