January 08, 2006

Other finished socks

My SP5 sent me a great sock kit from Fleece Artist. I got three quarters of the way through them and then set them aside for some reason. Here they are finally finished.

Fleece Artist Socks

This is a heavier weight yarn, so I knit the socks on US 3s (the pattern called for 4s). They're kind of similar to Jaywalkers in the chevron styling, but I like the way the Jaywalker pattern is written better. These are soft and comfortable. I swapped out the pattern's heels and toes for garter stitch short row heels and toes a la Lucy Neatby. I like the heels a lot, but the toes feel a bit weird.

In Jaywalker news, I've finished one heel. Once I get the second heel completed it will be easier to get a picture, so that will be coming soon.

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