January 06, 2006

New Year, not so new knitting

It's probably about time I reported on December goals and set some up for January.

I didn't meet my goal of finishing the second Rogue sleeve, as I discovered I'd used the wrong size needles for both sleeves and need to rip and start again.

I have a couple over arching goals for the year.

1. Get WIPs down to a more reasonable number. For me, a reasonable number is one sweater, once lace project, two pairs of socks, and something fun/entertaining/overly complicated.

2. Knit from my stash. I'll be purchasing yarn for the Sweaters From Camp knit along, but other than that I really want to avoid buying more yarn.

In order to meet these goals, I'm making this month another WIP only month. I'd like to:
1. Finish Jaywalkers
2. Finish 1st Norwegian Stocking, cast on for second
3. If I really get itching to start something new, cast on for 2nd Nordic Mitten. It's been long enough it should feel new.
4. Get back on track with Rogue
5. Work on Peacock Feathers
6. Only purchase yarn for SFC-along

I was inspired. I have strung 1400 out of 1800 beads so far. (The kit from Earthfaire was indeed gorgeous as promised -- I got two and am working on the red one right now -- thanks for the pointer.)
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