January 31, 2006

January Wrap-Up/February Goals

Let's review my January goals;

1. Finish Jaywalkers - DONE
2. Finish 1st Norwegian Stocking, cast on for second - DONE
3. If I really get itching to start something new, cast on for 2nd Nordic Mitten. It's been long enough it should feel new. - DONE, in that I didn't cast on anything new.
4. Get back on track with Rogue - DONE
5. Work on Peacock Feathers - DONE, barely. I knit 4 rows today.
6. Only purchase yarn for SFC-along - not done. I bought 2 hanks of Artyarns Supermerino and a hank of Baby Alpaca Grande.

Well, I'm either getting better at sticking to my goals or better at creating realistic goals. I'm not too torn up over the small purchases either - nothing that's going to break my budget.

February goals;

1. Finish Rogue sleeves
2. Finish Norwegian Stockings
3. Start new socks (must always have a pair of socks going)
4. Start Faroe Vest (easy goal. I love starting things!)
5. Knit at least 10 rows on Peacock Feathers
6. Knit my Baby Alpaca Grande scarf
7. Go through stash and weed out yarn to swap/sell
8. No yarn purchases (well, maybe something really good at Wildfiber...)

Congrats on organizing yourself with some goals - I think I need to do this myself! You sound very busy and I am impressed with the number and complexity of the work you have on needles. Good luck with your February goals!
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