December 31, 2005

Jaywalkers and Jewelry

I started a pair of Jaywalkers on Christmas, two at a time on two circs.

Side A:

Jaywalkers side A

Side B:

Jaywalkers side B

The pooling is pretty awful, but the fit is perfect and they are so soft, so I'm going to let it slide. Trying not to sweat the small stuff these days.

I also finished knitting Mary Ella yesterday. I thought I had snaps, but they seem to have disappeared, so I need to swing by Michaels or JoAnns before the party tonight.

MaryElla - complete

I actually really enjoyed knitting this and it went fairly quickly. Stats:
Yarn: Kit from Earthfaire. It came with DMC Cotton Pearle and beads. I was really pleased with the kit, the beads were very high quality, only about 3 bad beads in the whole tube, there was more than enough of both thread and beads. Miyon gave me the kit (Thanks again!) but it's definitely worth the $5.
Needles: size 0000 DPNs, two of them. Sharp and slippery, but I still have both my eyes.
Modifications: I knit the smallest size, because my wrist circumference was on the low end of the second smallest size. I know cotton stretches over time and I didn't want it to get too big. It's a bit snug now, but will hopefully fit perfectly after a wear or two. I knit a total of 19 pattern repeats. Instead of knitting two together for the decrease I did slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over, because it was easier for me with the small yarn and needles.
Started: Dec 19th 2005
Finished: Dec 30th 2005
Overall impressions: I would make more of these, maybe as gifts. It's pretty and didn't take all that long after bead stringing.

The Mary Ella is awesomely cute! Makes me want to take up beading again (but I won't)!
Mary Ella is lovely! I was inspired and, uh, ordered two kits. Birthday money burning a hole in the pocket, and all. -Cassie
That yarn is crazy, it looks like it was dyed in the garment, like some optical illusion when I see it on the needles. It'll be interesting to see how they look as you go on. Jaywalker's on my list. The sock list is getting long.

Happy New Year, it was fun to see ya Friday!
The Mary Ella is beautiful!
Beads are nice and all but Jaywalkers rock.
Mine pooled too - check them out - I kind of like pooling! (the beads are great too!)
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