December 22, 2005

Impossibly small knitting

I got a Mary Ella kit from Miyon this weekend. Sunday night I spent a few hours stringing beads onto DMC Cotton Perle with a dental floss threader. It's knit on size 0000 needles, which Kris was nice enough to loan me. I don't think I need to own a set of them just yet. When I work on it I get the feeling I'm about to either put my eye out or accidentally jam the needle through my hand, but I'm sure that's just paranoia and a long history of clumsiness speaking. So far I've completed the garter stitch edging, increase section and 3 repeats, for a grand total of 1.5". My wrist is 6.25" around, so I have a ways to go. Kris mentioned hers stretched, so I'm shooting for a little short. If I can finish one repeat a day, I'll probably get it done before school starts again.

Mary Ella

It is pretty. But oof, the tiny. That's a US 4 needle in there for scale.

When I first used my size 1 (or 0?) DPNs, I also had a fear that I was going to put out an eye or something. I also had a fear that I was going to spike myself in the chest, like in Pulp Fiction. I know both fears were completely irrational, but it still ooked me out.
Wow, you didn't waste any time getting started! Looks great!
I actually didn't know needles even came that small! You go girly...:)
I love it! (But then, many moons ago I used to do bead work.)
I'm SOOOOO Glad Mary Ella found a worthy knitter. :)
You plain crazy.

Wanna knit at Rebecca's coffee shop on Friday around 11am? Nancy, Heidi, and Hilari will be there--it'll be like Sunday, 'cept no four hours in the car or funky resale shop.
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