December 02, 2005

Goals from November:

1. Finish Cork sweater - DONE
2. Cast on for Rogue and finish one sleeve. - DONE
3. Finish a pair of socks - not done
4. Not cast on a ton of new projects - DONE, I only started 3 projects.
5. Use up more yarn then I buy - DONE, I bought yarn for the Norwegian Stockings and I think that's it (5 balls, one of which I can probably return) and knit up 10 balls.


I'd like to finish the second Rogue sleeve. I'm not really in a goal making mood right now. Andrew broke up with me Wednesday night. I'm completely heart broken. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm still going out with my friends to try and have some fun. Then I need to put everything aside to prepare for finals. I don't really feel like knitting and will probably take a break from this blog for a week or two.

Aw, I'm sorry he broke up with you, that's so hard. *hug*
Oh, I'm so sorry!

Have the best birthday you can. I'll be thinking about you.

I'm so very sorry. I hope you had a good birthday.
Oh no! Right before your birthday and finals and holidays...well, why not, it sucks anyway, might as well make breaking up totally sucktacular. I'm sorry.

I'll buy you a pint at Whistlestop knitting after finals are over (the 18th?).
hey - I wanted to ask you a question but I can't find your email addy. Can you mail me at kerrieATmagknitsDOTcom when you get a minute? Thanks!
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