November 29, 2005

Weekend Wrap-up

I'm still no good as small updates over the course of the week, so here's what I've been up to for the past week.

Tuesday night, while waiting for the police to call me back about a neighbor throwing a can of soup through our window, I turned the heel and finished the gusset of Norwegian Stocking 1

NS - gusset complete

Looking at this picture, I can tell I've really improved my Fair Isle tension over the course of this project. The instructions in the book for the heel didn't make any sense to me, so I used a standard V-heel. I'm not really happy with how the gusset stitches got picked up, which I think has something to do with the heel flap coloring. On the next stocking I'll be sure to twist the colors around each other at the ends of the rows. I did figure out a quicker way, for me, to do the heel flap. I knit back and forth, but I can only knit English style right handed, so on what would have been the purl rows I carried both yarns in my right hand. It was kind of awkward, but less so than trying to strand and purl. I had hoped to finish this stocking by the end of the month, but it's not looking likely right now.

Partially because of this:

Rogue Sleeve 1

A sleeve for Rogue. It only took 3 days to finish (aside from the twisted hem, which I'd done a few days earlier), mostly because the cabling was so much fun. I tried to get a detail shot of the cable without the flash, but the light was coming in at too sharp an angle. It does show a good representation of the color though.

Rogue Sleeve Closeup

I cast on for the second sleeve last night and got through half the hem. The hem is not fun at all, twisted St st on extra small needles, eww. The yarn I'm using is Rowanspun Aran, which come in enormous hanks. But for my gigantic swatch, I would have gotten an entire sleeve out of one hank! I have a whole bag of this yarn, so I'm expecting some leftovers, although I'm sure the hood uses up more yarn than I think it does.

That's all for now. This week will probably be pretty quiet knitwise, as finals are getting close and my birthday is Saturday, so all my fun time will be used for that.

*drool* I love that color!
The heel looks spectacular!

Did your neighbors at least throw a good flavor of soup through the window? Free dinner! ;-)
ack! wacky neighbors! was the window open or did they break the window with a can of soup?! wth!

the norge stockings look fantastic!

Love the color of your rogue sleeves! the hood uses a LOT of yarn.
I think your sock looks great!

I also carry my yarn the same as you. I tried knitting Continental as well but eh, it was too much work at this point.

- MJ
i wish someone would throw a can of soup into my house...i was just looking around for something to make for dinner ; )

your stockings look really great...and i'm envious of your beautiful fair isle technique...i'm making the stockings, too, and have been learning a lot about it as i go...mostly that i've been doing it all wrong!
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