November 05, 2005

Norwegian Stockings

I cast on for the Norwegian Stockings from Folk Socks last night and got through the first motif.

Norwegian Stockings

I'm using Dale Baby Ull in navy and tan and am loving this yarn. I'd never worked with Dale yarns before and am finding Baby Ull to be soft and evenly spun. It's pretty affordable too.

I'm also trying the two circular method for the first time. It was really fiddley at first - I joined it twisted once, ripped back, then knit the first round with the tail from the cast on, ripped back, and then finally got going properly. This method has definitely improved my fair isle tension, however, so I think the frustration may be worth it.

If any of you with skinny legs are looking to make these, a warning. I'm knitting them with smaller yarn and 0.25mm smaller needles than the pattern calls for, and they are nicely fitting my ample calves, so you may need to use even smaller needles.

I'm really pleased with how these are turning out. They looked a little Harry Potter with just the stripes at the top, but now that the snowflakes are in I'm liking the colors more.

On the other knitting front, I'm on the final sleeve for the chunky sweater. We're heading up to LA today, so I'll work on the sleeve in the car and I just might have a finished sweater by Monday.

They look great!

Thanks for the warning about the sizing. I think I'm going to downsize my Mamluke socks, too. I don't have the skinniest legs, but my ankles are really wimpy, and I like lots of negative ease in my socks.

I may have to try out the 2 circ method. I really love DPNs, but they're not great for fair isle, even if I got it to work for the mittens.
Oh hey, are you doing MJ's Norwegian-Along?
It looks great, a lovely blue.
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