November 30, 2005

Just a quick post to clarify some things from my previous post.

On the soup can, which so many of you asked about: Our neighbor is either crazy or on drugs (or both) and we've been having problems with him for a couple months. Last week someone in his apartment managed to throw a full can of soup hard enough to break both his window and our window. His window has a circle broken out of it about 8" in diameter. Our window was shattered. Judging by the happy orange slime on our windowsill and Andrew's desk it was some sort of squash soup.

The neighbor will be gone by the end of December, according to his landlord.

On Fair Isle flat vs. Fair Isle in the round: I normally knit left-handed* (knitting from left to right) holding the yarn in my right hand, AKA mirror Continental style. For FI in the round I still knit from left to right holding one color in each hand. I also like to knit back right handed instead of turning my work and purling for flat items. I keep the yarn in my right hand, so I knit English style right handed. When I first tried knitting FI flat I tried to knit back two handed, but couldn't get the right-handed Continental style to work out. I eventually settled for holding both yarns in my right hand while knitting back and returning to one in each hand while knitting forward. Still kind of awkward, but better than purling while stranding on the wrong side.

*knitting left-handed is my preference, because it is the most comfortable for me. I've read several blogger's posts about how it's bad/wrong/overcomplicated to knit left-handed or how knitting isn't a "handed activity." All a load of BS in my opinion. One day I will right a "Left-handed Knitters Manifesto", but today is not that day.

Fellow lefty here!
I knit the same way, and I look forward to the eventual Lefthanded Knitters' Manifesto.
There isn't a right and a wrong way; I can't stand the people who say there is. It's all about finding what feels right! Looking forward to the manifesto!

- MJ
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