November 21, 2005

Finished sweater!

Finally got some pictures of my Simply Marilyn sweater.

Simply Marilyn

This was my "enough with the pictures" pose, but I think it turned out the best. This sweater is nice and snuggly. If it would just cool down here so I could wear it! It shouldn't be over 80 in November.

Marilyn Back

Here's the back.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Simply Marilyn [.pdf] from Interweave Knits.
Yarn: Rowan Cork in Bug, purchased from eBay user 4to4. 9.5 balls used. I really like this yarn, it has great spring and bounce and is super soft. It does grow a lot with washing though, so definitely wash your swatches.
Needles: Addi Turbos, size 11 for the body and 10.5 for the collar.
Modifications: Lengthened body by about 2 inches, sleeves by 3. Lowered neckline about 2 inches.

I've also got an update on the Norwegian Stockings.

Heel Flap

[click to big-ify]
Knitting Fair Isle flat is a royal pain in the ass. I'll be glad to get through this heel flap - only 2/3 left to go. I love how these socks fit though, and the two circs method makes it really easy to try them on. I think I got the heel flap in just the right place.

Tell me about it. We were 88°F yesterday. Of course, today it sprinkled. ::thinks the weather gods must be using the dart system of selecting weather::
Great work on both!

I hear you on the flat fair isle. The moss sitch button band on my vest is going more slowly than I had hoped because I have to strand "in front" every other go around. Bah.
The heat is killing me too - I want to wear pretty sweaters!

Your sweater looks great, and you're making such great progress on the stockings!
you have no idea how jealous i am that it's 80 over there.. it's in the 20s here. send marilyn over here!
Wow, those stockings look very cool--didn't you say you've only been knitting for a year? Amazing.

We're getting together Sunday across the street from the Grove in South Park, in case you're free around 11am.
Take care,
Fabulous sweater, dahling! Love that color!

The Norwegian Stocking is groovy!

Now why would they throw a soupcan through the window? How strange.

But the stocking looks great. And Rogue is a fun knit, to be sure. :)
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