October 13, 2005

Yarn color for Rogue?

I'm about ready to buy yarn for Rogue - Rowanspun Aran. All that's left is to pick out the color. I'm leaning towards either Gables, Autumn, or Hardy. Any suggestions? I'm already working on a sweater in a color very similar to Gables, so I don't know if I should try and broaden my color horizons. Atlantic is pretty too. Midnight I think is too dark, and I'm not a fan of Caviar.

In other news, I started the sleeve caps for York. Only about 30 rows per sleeve to go! Maybe I'll get it sewn together this weekend, after my midterm tomorrow. No more knitting today, time to hunker down with Character Evidence.

I like Hardy...
I like midnight, but since that wasn't a choice, I'll vote for Gables.
Gables is the prettiest!

I also tend to go for yarns that are similarly colored. Sometimes I feel I should broaden my horizons, and sometimes I feel I should just go with what I know I like, and what I know will look good on me.
I also like Hardy. It seems like it would work for Fall, Winter and Spring when one might something a little lighter in color.
If I rule out Gables cuz you're already working with pretty much the same color, I actually like Midnight best. The color of Hardy and Atlantic seems either a little off (Hardy) or bland (Atlantic) to me.
I like Hardy, but then half of my yarn is green.

Now *I* want to buy a bag!
Gables! And remember, the character of a yarn color cannot be used to show action in conformity with it!
Just wanted to thank you for posting the link to this great bargain yarn! I'd been looking for some to start Rogue as well - I ended up getting the Atlantic, although I have to admit I'm not entirely sure how dark it is...hope it's light like it looked on my laptop instead of dark as it looked on my home computer...guess I'll know soon enough, it already shipped!
My vote's for Autumn :)
I'd like to vote Hardy, personally.
i have that batch of hardy on my watch list to make my coat out of! i think rogue would be cool in gables, though
I really like Autumn out of those choices. The monitor I'm on doesn't do some colors justice, though, so I can't see what color Hardy really is... maybe that one's nice too, I just can't tell.
Hi, I am just now getting to know my Knitting Bloggers Ring neighbors. I love the green template of your blog. So pretty.
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