October 05, 2005

WIP Wednesdays, Week 1

I'll be updating the WIP-along on Wednesdays. So far, I'm making good on my goal of only working on WIPs. I finished up Andrew's gloves and have made a lot of progress on Leaha's mini-clap. Hopefully I'll have pictures of a finished mini-clap by the end of the week, as I only have 5 or 6 straight repeats to go. Once I finish the mini-clap I'll cast on for the second sock exchange sock, to make sure that gets done by the end of the month.

How's everyone else doing?

Krys has set her goals for the month. Very ambitious! If anyone can pull it off, I'm sure she can.

Tish has a list of wintergifts she wants to finish this year.

If anyone else wants to join us, drop me an email (link in the sidebar). Just to clarify, you don't have to only work on WIPs, just pledge to make substantial progress on something already on the needles. I'm sticking to only WIPs because I'm a compulsive starter. I really want to start something new, but I'm holding out. We'll see if I make it the whole month.

Great idea to have a WIP-along. I'd join, but I only have 2 projects on the needles right now, one of which is apparently the bane of my existence and holding tight at 95% done.

Does it count if I have a Christmas project list? Already have the yarn and the patterns, so does deciding what to make and with what yarn count towards maybe 1% progress? Y'know, an unofficial WIP?
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