October 16, 2005

Sweater coming soon!

I just finished seaming York! All that's left is sewing in the zipper. I looked back in my email and old blog, and it looks like I started this sweater about a year ago and hadn't touched it since last November. This is definitely the type of sweater I chose to make for the finished object, rather than the process. It will replace a dark red ribbed sweater from the Gap that fell apart last year. My WIP drawer is getting empty! The only sweater type WIP I have left is Veste Everest from the most recent IK. Maybe I'll pick that one back up next.

Oh, I ordered the yarn for Rogue, Hardy. I'm on a big green kick lately and will cast on for Rogue as soon as we hit November.

I've been on a green-kick, too. I love that color and am working on Anne Modesitt's corset in a similar colorway to what she has posted on her website. It's gorgeous.
I happened upon your comment at the Keyboard Biologist Knits blog, and was excited to see you are knitting and finishing York. At the moment, I am knitting this for my future husband, on the sly. Both sleeves are finished, and I am about to finish the second side. Do you have any advice on how to get the zipper sewn into the sweater? I don't know anyone that knits very much, and do not know anyone that has actually done this. If you could provide any advice I would be very grateful.
Thank you for your pointer to the ChicKnits website. Very helpful indeed.
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