October 01, 2005

October Goals and new KAL

September roundup
1. Finish school work before knitting at night. - DONE
2. Put down knitting long enough to do running program three nights a week. - Only one to two running nights each week.
3. Finish Dad's clogs. - DONE
4. Do at least one repeat on Madil. - not done
5. Finish Chart 4 of Peacock. - not done
6. Cast on for advanced_knit sock exchange. - DONE
7. Keep stash the same or smaller, and make a spreadsheet or something so I know what I actually have. - half done. I didn't buy any new yarn, but I didn't catalog what I have.

New Goals
1. Stick with my WIP Along (button in the sidebar if anyone wants to join me).
2. Not cast on for anything new.
3. Finish sock exchange socks.

I'm loosening up my goals this month. With all the school stuff I'm not getting much knitting done, so I'm just going to try working on what I have going already. The only hard and fast rule for me is not to cast on anything new. I didn't include the usual "don't buy yarn" goal because I have one purchase I think I'm going to make with my knitty proceeds.

The WIPs I'm going to be concentrating on are the sock_exchange socks, River, and Peacock Feathers. I also have a few small WIPs that will hopefully get finished.

How do you join the WIP Along?
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