October 27, 2005

In honor of Halloween

This is my favorite Halloween costume ever and is also one of my favorite pictures of me and Ariel.

Halloween 1986

I'm Rainbow Brite, she's Twink. This picture is from 1986, so I was almost 5 and she was 2. Mom made the costumes, and looking at the picture now I'm remembering all the little details. Ariel has a star sprinkles pouch. All the rainbow rings on my costume are individually padded. So impressive!

Here's York at the stage I've left it. Stupid Zipper. I'll tackle it another day.


I also did a gauge swatch for Rogue. Here comes the most interesting picture evar!

Rogue Swatch

I swatched with 3 needle sizes, 8s, 7s, and 6s. I got 4 st/in with the 8s, 4.25 with the 7s, and 4.75 with the 6s. None are exactly on with the 4.5 required in the pattern, so I think I'll go with the 7s and knit the smaller of the two sizes I've been waffling between.

Last, but not least, my new hair color and cut.

New cut and color

ok, the Rainbow Brite is so cute I could die. Then I remembered that in 1986 I myself was 26 years old. Now I'm definitely going to die.

i LOVE your new hair color btw, very cool!!!
Those are awesome Halloween costumes! I had a Rainbow Brite bookbag, probably around 1986, too. (It had a big plastic 3-D Rainbow Brite head on the front. It scares me, a lot, in retrospect.)

Love the hair, too.
I am having major zipper issues, too -- and I paid someone to sew it in for me. Trust me, as hard as it is: If you want something done right, do it yourself!
Your hair looks great, by the way.
LOVE the hair! Even though I had a Rainbow Brite (and cried on the way home from the toy store b/c I loved it so much), I wouldn't have been able to recognize that costume. I'm sure I would've in 1986 though. Those are pretty damn impressive costumes.
Wow, that's hardcore for your mom, there. It brings back good memories of playing with the horse and putting little braids that will never ever come out in the horse's tail (yeah, I collected all the dolls and played with them mostly by messing with their hair).

Also, your hair looks awesome. Nice job!
We always had homemade costumes, and I remember we kept the Rainbow Brite one for yeeeeears after my older sister wore it (she's around your age).

You just made me all nostalgic n' stuff.

Great color and cut! I've tried to do mine that color a few times and it's lovely for a couple of weeks and then just fades out. Story of my hair.

I always remember having a homemade costume :) Although, I didn;t grow much for a couple of years, so some got recycled. I particularry remember a clown one my mom made. It was so amazing, she let it out a couple times because I kept wanting to wear it.
Your hair looks great :)
Hello, I'm a new reader of your blog. I love your knits! It's all inspiring! Dang, I can't believe your mom actually made that costume. It's really amazing, just looking at that picture I'm noticing lots of little details...wow.
Oh my, what costumes! Amazing the work your mom put into those. It must make her happy to hear how much the costume meant to you and how well you remember it all these years later.

Those rainbow rings are just too much! :)
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