October 09, 2005

I'm a FO machine

Finished another languishing WIP last night during the Padres game. This is a version of Cornet, modified to use Lambs Pride Bulky. I did a plain twisted cable, because I felt the braided cable would be too wide (and I would have run out of yarn - I've only got about 6 yards left) and knit the cabled band until it was the right length to go around my head, grafted the band shut, picked up somewhere between 60 and 70 stitches and knit a basic hat up.


I was doing a self portrait and Andrew snuck in, so now he gets to be on the blog.

Today I've mostly been studying Evidence with baseball breaks. I did manage to knit a few rounds on my gloves though, and finally got past the ribbing and am about to decide what kind of thumb to use. Still haven't finished chart 4 of Peacock, but I'm getting close.

I bought some under the sofa bins at Ikea yesterday that I'm slowly putting my stash in. One bin is for WIPs and UFOs, the other two will probably be for wool and sock yarn. I'll leave the cotton in a box in the closet, because I don't really do much with it. We also bought some pretty jazz themed prints from Ikea. I know they don't count as "art", but they look nice in our dining room.

I was at the playoff game last night too! And worked on Clapotis. Bummer that we got swept though.
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