October 31, 2005


I'm having an amazing time in DC. Sunday night I waited in line 6 hours to pay my respects to Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Line

This is the line 3 hours in. Apparently over 30,000 people filed past Sunday evening and Monday morning. I feel lucky to have been in town to pay my respects and also see the first woman ever to be laid at state in the Rotunda. It was a very powerful experience. There was a huge range of people there, from babies to couples in their 80s. The mood was really wonderful - I've never seen that many people behave in such an orderly fashion.

The meeting with Justice Kennedy was amazing as well. I'll be posting about that in my personal journal, along with my impressions about the court. I'll leave you all with a parting shot that explains why I could never live on the East Coast.


I'm so envious of your DC trip. I bet it was a really amazing experience.

By the way, A. got to go to the Supreme Court, too, when he was in grad school. They also got a chance to meet a justice, although at the moment I can't remember whether it was Ginsburg or O'Connor. Too bad he went to the bathroom right before they were called in, and then couldn't find the group. He missed out! d'oh
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