October 07, 2005

Another FO!

Leaha's mini-clap was finished and blocked tonight! Pictures


And a detail shot


Pattern: Clapotis from knitty.com.
Yarn: Schaefer Yarns Anne, used about half the hank.
Needles: 40" US5 Addi Turbos
Modifications: I only did 3 repeats of the increase section, and repeated the straight section until the scarf was 6 feet long. I lightly blocked the scarf by soaking it in wool wash and spreading it out gently on the carpet.

This was pretty fun to knit once it "clicked", which wasn't until I was almost halfway through. I can't imagine knitting a full sized one though, I'd probably poke my eyes out. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and hopefully Leaha will really like it. I have almost 60g of yarn left, so there will be a scarf for me in the future (in a completely different pattern).

I also made some decent progress on Peacock and may get through chart 4 this weekend. I'm excited to get past chart 5 as 3, 4, and 5 are pretty much the same chart.

Very nice :)
Nice scarf! I'm working on a full sized one too and I've only got one eyeball left.
i love that - it's exactly what i want to make my aunt for christmas. what yardage did you use?
Love the idea of a mini-clapotis! It looks lovely.
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