September 01, 2005

September Goals

Let's see how I did on my August goals -
1. Avoid the temptation to cast on for Madil's Shawl before finishing FBS. - DONE
2. Finish FBS so I can start MS guilt free. (This will probably take two evenings, I'm just being lazy) - DONE
3. Finish at least one pair of socks before casting on for new socks. A pair means two matching socks, not any two socks. - kind of done, I didn't finish any socks, but I didn't cast on any either.
4. Finish hat for Sydney before it winds up being too small. - DONE
5. Either cast on for mitten number two or finish clog number two. - almost done, I'm going to try and finish the clog this weekend. I would have finished it last night, but had too much homework.
6. Knit whatever else I want, as long as it's from my stash. - not done, I started Peacock from new yarn.
7. Only buy yarn for SP - not done, I bought 6 balls of yarn this month.

New Goals (I am getting better at completeing my goals, or maybe just better at writing realistic goals) -
1. Finish school work before knitting at night.
2. Put down knitting long enough to do running program three nights a week.
3. Finish Dad's clogs.
4. Do at least one repeat on Madil.
5. Finish Chart 4 of Peacock.
6. Cast on for advanced_knit sock exchange.
7. Keep stash the same or smaller, and make a spreadsheet or something so I know what I actually have.

We're driving up to Anaheim tonight to see an A's/Angels game (Andrew is a big A's fan). I'll be knitting in the car and will have a progress picture of Peacock tomorrow.

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