September 15, 2005

If I Ever Leave this World Alive

No post and no knitting yesterday because Andrew and I went to see Flogging Molly. Great show, by the way, and the House of Blues here in San Diego is a pretty nice place to see a show. That said, I think I'm getting a little old to be jostled, stepped on, and beer spilt on me. Sadness.

Tonight I've mostly been doing homework to catch up from my fun yesterday, but I did manage to finish the heel of the green sock and complete 2 of the last 4 rows of Chart 3 of Peacock. Pictures tomorrow, when there's some sunlight.

I tried to get a picture of Fitzy (our possum) off Andrew's computer to post, but I can't find it. Maybe that will come tomorrow too.

Aww, Fitzy pics! (Though I didn't realize he had a name now... :-P)

Are you going to the Whistlestop this Sunday?
My husband and I went to Flogging Molly too!! Small world! The concert rocked. I really like the new HOB. We went with a couple of friends as well, so us girls stayed on the second floor while the "boys" had their pushing fun downstairs.
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