September 17, 2005

Fix-It Series: Volume One - The Missing Yarn Over

This is the first in a series of tutorials I'm writing on how to fix common knitting mistakes without ripping back. I'd like to thank my BF Andrew for being a good sport about taking dozens of close-up knitting pictures. If you have any concerns, or suggestions for upcoming installments, please leave a comment.

This tutorial shows how to fix a missing yarn over that is discovered on a subsequent right side row. The first step is identifying the mistake. The pattern in the sample piece is k1, *YO, k2tog* [repeat to last stitch], k1. A yarn over (YO) occurs between two stitches. Look at the picture below and try to determine where the YO should be.

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The red arrow shows where the YO should be in this pattern. Reading your knitting is an important step in fixing problems without ripping out the entire offending piece.

Image hosted by

Next, knit in pattern up to the space where the YO should be.

Image hosted by

Now, place the tip of your right needle, from back to front, under the second horizontal strand between the two stitches.

Image hosted by

Place the horizontal bar untwisted on the left hand needle.

Image hosted by

Insert the tip of your right needle into the stitch from front to back (do not twist the stitch), then pick up the first horizontal bar between the stitches and draw it through. (you are knitting into this stitch, but instead of using yarn from the ball to form a new stitch, you are using the horizontal bar in the space between the stitches above it)

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Drop the second horizontal bar off the left hand needle. You will have a twisted stitch on the right hand needle.

Image hosted by

Slip this stitch back onto the left hand needle, untwisting it as you do.

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You are now ready to continue knitting in pattern, the missing YO has been replaced.

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Finish the row, and then look to see if you can even find where you fixed your mistake - probably not!

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Occasionally the newly added YO will be a bit smaller than the other YOs, especially if you are a tight knitter. Don't worry, this will even out with blocking.

Coming Soon: Volume Two - The Mis-Twisted Cable

i'm looking forward to the mis-twisted cable tut - i really messed them up on my grey sweater!
Thanks for the fixing mistakes tutorial series. I'm always on the lookout for how to fix mistakes without frogging entire sections! Sometimes I feel like I make more mistakes than not!

Any idea on how to fix gauge on the beginning of a piece knit in the round? My gauge tightened up as I familiarized myself with the yarn (yes I did swatch, just not enough apparently!).
Hey, congratulations on getting your pattern published at Knitty!

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Stupid effing blogger.

I commented under the wrong goddamned identity (stupid effing me) but now if I comment again under my "real" identity my SP will be able to google me down, so, here's what I originally said and deleted because I was hoping it would take out the whole effing thing but it didn't:

"Good G-d! How did you ever figure that out, you evil genius, you? "

I guess it kind of robs it of any compliment when one might infer that your everyday dolicophallus is smarter than someone who leaves a comment under the wrong stupid online identity, but whatever. I still think yer smart and a wicked good knitter.
Great tutorial :)
Thank you! You just saved my mohair lace scarf from knitter's wrath. It simply doesn't frog, but I was able to fix my missed YO.

Lizzie, who wandered over from knitting_snark.
Thanks! Minor disaster tonight on my first lace project and I remembered seeing your website! I found it again easily and was able to fix a missed YO. Thanks for great photos and directions!
Amazing! I just Googled "fix missed yarnover" and you've just saved me much frogging misery!!
Thanks so much! I knitted way past bedtime last night and was able to fix that last row where I missed 3 yarnovers!
Thank you sooooo much! I had seen this page before I attempted lace, and figured that it would come in handy whenever that time came. And (surprise, surprise) it did! You saved my nice scarf from another frogging. <3
i love the internet and people like you thank you so much !!!!!!
Thanks, you just saved me about 3 hours!
Thank you!!! I just learned how to fix my yarn over goofs and now I can keep knitting with out having to wait till I see my fellow knitters.
Thank you thank you so much!! I thought I was going to have to undo all my work but luckily I just googled this and found your article! Thanks again :)
Thank you so much. I have been trying to fix this for 2 days and not it is fixed in 30 seconde. You saved me - and my lace shawl.
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You wonderful person you! Saved me from hours of the round. Thank you x
I know this is repetitive, but I couldn't not post how grateful I am for your help! Jacque
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