August 02, 2005

Lamest end of the month round up ever =(

Goals for July:
1. Finish mom socks - Nope, got distracted by new shiney socks
2. Finish Leaha's gift by the 23rd - Ha, not even closse. New plan is to finish it at some future time and mail it to her.
3. Finish FBS - Nope
4. Figure out something to do with grey lace weight merino - DONE, I can do the things that only involve planning. It is going to be Madil's Shawl from last summer's IK.
5. Work on one other Christmas present - DONE, I'll be gifting the Nordic Mittens as I have no use for mittens.
6. Finish Jenny sleeve - I've decided to abandon Jenny and make the yarn into either a tank of my own design or the Annie Modesitt Corset top.
7. Keep amount of yarn the same or lower - DONE, I actually purchased no yarn this month.

Lest y'all think I'm a total slacker, I did knit 3 socks this month, along with part of a scarf and half a baby hat. I'm having serious difficulties sticking with one project all the way through completion. This month was kind of crazy though, so maybe I'll get more focused knitting in this month. Without further ado -

Goals for August:
1. Avoid the temptation to cast on for Madil's Shawl before finishing FBS.
2. Finish FBS so I can start MS guilt free. (This will probably take two evenings, I'm just being lazy)
3. Finish at least one pair of socks before casting on for new socks. A pair means two matching socks, not any two socks.
4. Finish hat for Sydney before it winds up being too small.
5. Either cast on for mitten number two or finish clog number two.
6. Knit whatever else I want, as long as it's from my stash.
7. Only buy yarn for SP

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