August 03, 2005

Because I'm just that good of a friend

Poker night tonight at the boys house. I'm feeling a bit off because I just chugged a beer so Jake would chug salsa. It was totally worth it though. I did a bit of knitting after I got knocked out of the poker game and the Fiber Trends sock is about 1/4 through the toe. I also got another inch knit on Syndey's hat, only one to go before the crown shaping. Hopefully I'll have a super cute baby hat to show y'all by this weekend.

I also got an unexpected windfall today. The school called to tell me they'd made a mistake and owed me $$$! I want to buy yarn, but I've got bills to pay, and didn't I just pledge yesterday not to buy yarn for a month? I will be strong. I will not trip and fall, swiping my credit card on the way down, and going home with an armload of Supermerino.

What great luck! Yay!
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