July 14, 2005

We have mitten!

I finished the mitten last night right before bed, and blocked it when I got home from work today. Hopefully it will be dry by tomorrow for pictures! Most of the unevenness is gone, and it looks much better.

I also got a pretty neat email today. Someone from Artyarns wants to put a picture of my Supermerino socks up on their website. I really enjoyed knitting those socks and I'd been thinking of coming up with a sock pattern using their yarn. Something to show off the stripey-ness, maybe chevrons... it's all still in the planning stages.

One more thing, I need advice for the Leaha gift. I have a hank of Schafer Yarns Anne in a really beautiful colorway. I started the lace smoke ring, hated the pattern and ripped that out. Then I started a simpler smoke ring, but it's too boring and I know I'll never finish. I'm thinking of making a mini-Clapotis, narrower and more scarf shaped, as I only have one hank, but worry I'll boredom out of that too. It's really lovely yarn, but it doesn't want to be any of the things I've tried so far. Maybe that's because I want it to be a Flower Basket Shawl, for me. Leaha has no use for a FBS. I'm sure she'd like it, and think it was pretty, but I want to make something to keep her neck warm and voice safe in the colder weather. Maybe I'll start the mini-clap tonight and see what the yarn thinks. It's holding up surprisingly well to all the ripping, thank goodness.

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