July 12, 2005

This Way's So Much Faster!

Continental Knitting that is. Knitting English, I usually averaged 1" per day on the bus. Today I made it through 1.75", and it was a short waiting day too, since the bus was right there when I got off work.

I haven't had a chance to pick the Nordic Mitten back up yet. Last night was spent reading most of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and tonight we got a call to rescue a friend from the emergency room after a car accident. (She's fine, thankfully.) I knit on the Koigu sock all through Andrew driving to get her and fetch the stuff from her car and have 6" total on the foot. 2.25" until the heel!

I forgot to mention that Sunday, someone brought a huge bag of back issues of IK to give away to the Knit Together. I snagged two copies, Fall '03 (to knit the awesome Fair Ilse hat Tipper made ages ago and I've been coveting ever since) and Winter 00/01 (great pair of socks in there). I showed restraint, and only took mags I knew I wanted. Aparently my mother raised me right, because I was concerned about being rude if I took too many. Kris got a copy of Winter '04, with the great glove article.

Still no news from Knitty. I think that's a good sign. I've been wondering how long it takes them to sort through everybody and toss out the obvious "no"s. It's making my impatient ass crazy.

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