July 13, 2005


Something was poking me under the arm all day. I came home and found this -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That would be a piece of metal sticking out of my bra! Not comfortable! I'll be sewing that hole shut tonight, because I need to be able to wear it still.

Back on topic, I got a picture of the Koigu socks that shows the color much better, but has weird shadows. I didn't use a flash to get better color, and the sun is a little low at 7pm for good pictures. I included the sheepy for scale. Only 1" to the heel! I'm really excited to wear these, the colors are so cheerful.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Nordic Mittens have been picked back up. I knit 5 rows last night before bed and remembered how fun they are. Only 20 rows to go, and just 5 until they start getting shorter. I think I'll work on them now actually, and there might be half a FO up tomorrow!

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