July 11, 2005

More Socks

I managed to track down both the battery charger and rechargeable batteries at the same time, so once again I have pictures.

First, a finished sock -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feather and Fan sock, made up by me, in Brown Sheep Wildfoote. I'm glad this yarn gets softer with wash, because it was downright rough to knit with. I used Addi Turbos, because it was so sticky. Now I've just got to get it's mate done by x-mas for mom.

Not one for monogamy, I started this last night

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's Koigu (yum!), colorway P837, a little lighter and pinker in person. I'm trying a new toe/heel, the Lucy Neatby short-row garter stitch heel. It instructs you to wrap when you turn, but to not pick up the wrap. I'm confused as to why I need to wrap if I'm not going to pick it up, unless it's to help me see when it's time to turn without counting. Anyway, I like it, and it's super easy, just straight knitting, with no k3togs or p3tog tbl like the YO heel and toe. These socks are serving the joint purpose of getting me more up to speed with Continental Style knitting and keeping me entertained on the bus.

Speaking of the bus, I had two crazy person run-ins today. Crazy person #1 wanted me to make a phonecall for him using his phonecard. I declined, and he called me a dick. I decided not to push things by asking why he couldn't make the call himself. Crazy person #2 got on my bad side by sitting directly up-wind of me and smoking. He was an excellent conversationalist, as I'll illustrate here.
CP: "what's that?" (gestures towards sock)
me: "a sock"
CP: "what kind?"
me: "a normal sock"
CP: "you mean for your foot?"
me: "um, yeah" (eye roll)
CP: "mumbles something vaguely obsene"
me: "i don't understand your question"
CP: (wanders off)
This should teach me, for about the 900th time, not to talk to crazy people, even if they talk to me. All and all, they were both better than the guy with the knife last week. That freaked me out.

I'm glad to hear that Wildfoote softens up, and that I'm not the only person who finds it sticky. I have some in the stash, and was worried about what the final product would be like. I'm less worried, now. :-)
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