July 01, 2005

First of the month round-up

Goals from last month:
1. Finish Falling Leaves in time for submission - DONE
2. Finish Shapely Tank - nope, don't know when I'll get this done
3. Finish Charley - DONE
4. Keep up with mystery shawl - decided the mystery wasn't for me.
5. Start FBS - DONE
6. Start Jenny - DONE
7. Work on clogs - not done
8. Only purchase yarn for x-mas gifts and secret pal. - DONE
9. Block the finished pieces of York and Ribby and do at least one seam on each. - nope

I also started socks for my mom and a going away present for Leaha

Goals for this month:
1. Finish mom socks
2. Finish Leaha's gift by the 23rd
3. Finish FBS
4. Figure out something to do with grey lace weight merino
5. Work on one other Christmas present
6. Finish Jenny sleeve
7. Keep amount of yarn the same or lower

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