July 10, 2005

The Days are Just Packed*

Thanks to everyone for their kind words about my mittens. I guess I'm my own worst critic. Things have gotten very busy around here, with a housewarming party on Friday and a Bachelorette Party for Kat last night. My camera batteries died at the party, so pictures will have to wait, but I finished up mom sock #1 at the Balboa Park knit together yesterday afternoon. I think it looks great and will cast on for its mate today.

The Knit Together was fun (and crowded) and it was nice to have more time to visit with Christine and see Tania, Heather, and Kris and meet a bunch of new knitters (new to me, not new to knitting). I got a little sun burnt, and I was only in the sun for 40 minutes or so. I'm still deciding whether I'll drive to Clairemont on Thursday for knitting. Heather and I are trying to get ahold of Zoya and if I hear anyone else is planning on making it there I'll probably go.

I really want to cast on another pair of socks, maybe in purple Koigu, to just knit plain on the bus and walking to work, but if I do that I'll never get the mom socks done. We all know what kind of self restraint I have though, so they'll probably be going by the end of the week. My knitting productivity will probably be low for the next few weeks. I just realized the first weekend that I don't have solid plans for is the 2nd week of August! Until then I have wedding stuff for both Kat and Tammy, and goodbye parties for Leaha and Rach. It will be fun, but I'm looking forward to the chance to just unwind.

*shiney gold star to whoever recognizes where this title is from first.

Calvin and Hobbes book title?
The leftover sockyarn you let me have to finish my own sock does not match at all, so I'll cart it around until the next time I see you just in case you could use it for something else.
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