June 06, 2005

Right on schedule

Falling leaves is coming along nicely. I actually got to a try on point today and I love how it fits! I should actually be done in plenty of time if I keep up this pace. Now I will hopefully have enough time to head down to Balboa Park and get some good pictures of them. I'll probably have to enlist the help of friends who are better photographers than I am, since I'm pretty bad at framing shots.
I got another increase section done on Charley today. Like a genius, I took the sleeves but not the pattern to the Whistle Stop yesterday. Oh, and Inky, I'm sorry I didn't say hi. I recognized you and was like "I'll got over in a minute", but the next time I looked up you had left. =( I don't know if you know what I look like, as there hasn't been a picture of my face on this blog at all recently.
Tomorrow I need to get to the post office and mail out the first gift for my secret pal. I found a book she'd mentioned wanting, and need to head to La Jolla tomorrow for Kat wedding stuff, so I'll probably pop into KinLJ and pick up another little treat before the post office.
I also decided that Leaha needs a going away to NY present. She's getting this. Leaha, if you read this, don't click. I'll check out yarn at KinLJ. I've also picked out my next lace project (so I like to think WAY ahead of the game), the Peacock Feathers Shawl, probably in Knitpicks Shimmer (they have a great turquoise colorway).

Edited to add: I forgot to mention I looked at Loop-d-Loop at Boarders today and Liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The photography is very good at highlighting the knitting (I'm looking at you Rowan) and for the most part, the designs are different without being completely insane.

I'm getting ready to knit the same shawl in the same colorway! How cool is that! When I saw that yarn I said, "Oh this *is* the peacock shawl no doubt!"
I just bought Loop- di- Loop recently and I love it. Really clear directions, some amazing patterns. Granted, there are some thinjgs I'd never wear, but there are also at leave six "I've got to knit that right away" items and more than a few items that will be amazing gifts. Lovely stuff. And the photography is really nice- good on the knitting, but pretty to look at, too. I've been really focusing on that, lately- ever since Scarf Style, which has pictures that are lovely to look at but not so great for helping the knitter along.
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