June 10, 2005

off to Santa Cruz

I'm heading out tonight to see one of my sisters graduate from college! Yay, Congratulations Kate!

Andrew and I are flying up and then spliting to spend the weekend with our families. His sister has a dance recital. He's leaving straight from SF for a two week business trip to Sweden, so I'm on my own here for a couple weeks. I'm planning lots of knitting and a couple girls nights.

For travel knitting, I'm deciding between taking the Charley sleeves or a sock. It will probably be the sleeves. I was going to take my mystery stole, but the clue this week took about 45 min to knit. I finally dropped down to no mail for that list, too many whiners and WAY too chatty. There have been over 100 messages so far today, gah. The knitting has been fun though, this last step was much more involved and interesting. Hopefully the rest of the stole will stay this interesting.

I'll be back Monday morning and update on the weekend.

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