June 01, 2005

End of the month round-up

May first I posted my knitting goals for the month here.

I was a little over ambitious in my first time setting goals -

1. Finish York and Ribby (both of these have minimal knitting left and need sewing together) - Didn't even touch them
2. Finish Shapely Tank - knitting is finished, needs one more side seamed and seed stitch around the arms and neck
3. Finish Charley Sweater - front and back finished and sewn together, sleeves started.
4. Start Jenny - nope
5. Finish Cashmere socks - DONE
6. Start sample Falling Leaves socks - DONE
7. Write up Falling Leaves pattern and give to Krys to test knit - DONE
8. Find and order solid green sock yarn to go with #7 - DONE
9. Add i-cord ties to mini-sweater - nope, the left over yarn got packed and I haven't found it yet.
10. Make a decision about xmas knitting. - DONE, plus half a gift done

Besides this list, I also finished a pair of worsted weight socks, half a pair of Fiber Trends clogs, and a swatch for the mystery shawl.

Goals for this month:
1. Finish Falling Leaves in time for submission
2. Finish Shapely Tank
3. Finish Charley
4. Keep up with mystery shawl
5. Start FBS
6. Start Jenny
7. Work on clogs
8. Only purchase yarn for x-mas gifts and secret pal.
9. Block the finished pieces of York and Ribby and do at least one seam on each.

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