June 21, 2005

Bloglines Hates Me

It's not noticing my posts for some reason. Poop.

In happier news, I have an almost finished pair of socks! I can't believe how quickly this sock is going. I just cast on for the toe on Sunday and I'm already past the heel today. My goal of finishing before Andrew gets back from Sweden should be no problem. I'm going to start taking the bus to work, so socks will be a great project for waiting for the bus (and also lunchtime at work). Next up in the socks list are Mom's x-mas socks. They're going to be feather and fan in pink Brown Sheep Wildefoote. I've got the numbers all worked out, but am still figuring what to do at the top to curtail rolling. Feather and fan generally goes - Row 1: knit, Row 2: knit, Row 3: pattern, and Row 4: purl. I think I'll need to make one of the first two rows purl for the first inch or so of the sock. I'm leaning towards row 2 unless anyone has a better suggestion. Hopefully I'll start these by Friday and be able to take them in the car for the drive up for Kat's shower. Leaha's gift is going to be the at home project once the current socks are done, but I can't really take that on a drive with her.

I looked over my goals for this month and I'm doing pretty well so far. I still want to start my Jenny cardigan, but I can't find my size 7 Addi's anywhere. I'm thinking I might have to buy a new set, but if so I'll get 36" instead of 24" in case the old ones turn up. I've figured out how to modify the pattern to make it pretty much seamless, so maybe I'll start with a sleeve on DPNs to get going over the weekend.

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