June 14, 2005

Back and Burnt

I had a lovely weekend away and got very sun burnt. Kate's graduation was great and dinner was fantastic. I made good progress on Charley's sleeves during all the plane and car rides, only 3 more increase repeats and about 15 cm to the armhole bind off and raglan shaping. I'll probably take the sleeves with me to Claire De Lunes tomorrow, as everything else I'm working on is lace and therefore not super portable.

In lace news, I suppose I'm having a "Summer of Lace" ala The Wendy but I think I'll refrain from joining another super chatty Yahoo group. My FBS is nearing completion. I finished 2 lower basket repeats yesterday during an America's Next Top Model marathon on VH1 (wonderful trash, by the way) and only have one and a half to go before moving on to the edging. I'm still on my first hank of the yarn, so I'll probably have to come up with something else to make with the rest of it. Maybe a nice feather and fan scarf for a family member. The new step for the Mystery Stole is much better than the previous ones. I'm not sure what I think of the pattern yet, but at least it's a little more interesting to knit.

I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of working my way through my stash and not buying more yarn. I did pick something up for Leaha's going away present since I just didn't have anything appropriate. It's very nice and I hope to start it next month. I went to Yarn! in Alameda (ok, most boring name ever) and didn't buy anything. They did have a really nice selection, but man was it pricey. The kicker for me was that they had several yarns that had been long discontinued still at full price - yarns even Knitting in La Jolla has discounted now. I was sorely tempted by some Mission Falls 1824 to make another pair of worsted weight socks, but I can get that down here so I put it back.

Today I have to run back to La Jolla and pick up more stationary for Kat's bridal shower and then mail out the invites we have done. My other plans for the day are watching Law and Order and knitting either the Mystery Stole or FBS.

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