May 28, 2005

Lots of packing, not much knitting

I actually didn't knit a stitch yesterday. Andrew was surprised I survived. We did manage to get the kitchen and one bathroom completely backed. Megan was a great help. She's really efficient.
Today I headed over to the new place to wait for the cable/internet/phone guy with my knitting in tow. He was scheduled for any time from 1-3, so I figured I'd get in some nice quiet knitting time. Nope, he was already there when I showed up at 12:30 looking mighty impaitent. Boo. I have gotten a couple rounds done on the Cashmere socks today while taking a break after I stubbed the crap out of my toe. I thought at first it might be broken (I've broken this particular toe about 3 times previously - it's my loser toe), but it's just banged up. I stubbed it on the wheel of Andrew's luggage, which was sitting right in the middle of the doorway. Can't really say anything bad about that though, because my crap is everywhere too. I actually thought it was my luggage until I looked down.

In future knitting news, I joined a new knitalong - Mystery Stole Along. The premise of the group is that you're knitting a lace wrap, but you only get one chunk of the instructions at a time. I'd been looking for a new lace project for my merino lace, so I'm going to give this a go. It starts June 3rd if anyone else is interested in playing along.
Monday I'm trying to organize a field trip to a new LYS opening in Bonita. I don't drive that far south often (ok, ever), but I figured a new yarn store would be worth the trip.

I'll probably be MIA tomorrow, but should be back Monday night with tales of yarny goodness.

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